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Back to Harmony Wellness Center is located at 1811 Sardis Road North, suite 207, at the Colonnade Executive Suites in Charlotte, NC 28270.  Driving from Highway 51 ( Pineville -Mathews Road), from Pineville toward Mathews, pass the Arboretum Shopping center; go to West John Street and turn left onto Monroe Road (this is the other side of W. John.) Go 1.1 miles , take right after Wells Fargo Bank onto Sardis Road North. Look for large sign "Cook Out" Restaurant on the left. Take immediate left into the Colonnade Executive Suites lot.. Drive to the right, just  20 feet, then take immediate left by the U.S. mailbox. Follow long building straight back, about halfway; then look to left for sign on building in the window, that says " Colonnade Executive Suites Suite 207". Come in through front doors and have seat. If after 5PM or on weekends, text or call to say    "I'm here", and door will be unlocked and opened for you, momentarily. Phone my cell: 704 877-4844.

Sitting at a computer all day is one of the key causes of neck shoulder and low back tension. Standing on tile or even wooden floors, which often has concrete underneath; have been known to create hip, knee, low back, as well as leg issues, tiredness and pain. At Back to Harmony Wellness Center, our seasoned therapist customizes her massage techniques in addressing these; and is excellent at finding those knots; loosening up sore, tired, tense muscles; and helping you feel better. Rejuvenate, relax, renew.

Our sole purpose is to allow each person to receive a personally supportive experience; resulting in less stress and greater relaxation. It is our commitment to you that we truly listen; and it is our goal that we consistently exceed your expectations. Our intention here, at Back to Harmony is that we provide a setting where you are able to let go of layers that no longer serve, bringing you closer to your true self or spirit.

Our approach at Back to Harmony Wellness Center is integrative. Although a client may notice their back feels great after their session and they feel so relaxed … they might also walk away with tools of understanding how to prevent some of the tension patterns from returning.

A client may experience ease from new awareness, after a coaching session, of how to sit at a computer with “easy” posture.  With greatly reduced neck, shoulder and low back tension, they now experience increased productivity from having less stress from sitting at work.

We service clients ranging from children to professional athletes, women, men, pre-natal, business professionals, clients with emotional or physical disabilities, people  who want to accelerate their recovery time after injury or surgery, as well as those who choose optimal wellness; and those who simply want to relax.

Back to Harmony Wellness Center provides an exceptional quality holistic healing environment that allows for, if one is inclined, an experience of personal growth that goes beyond the physical aspect of healing. Back to Harmony- of body, mind, and spirit.

“It is truly an honor and a blessing to work with each and every one of you; that I may have the opportunity to make a definite positive difference in your world.”

 To schedule your appointment please call or text: 704-877-4844. For online scheduling, please visit hours and services page.         

 Marielle Friedman, BA, LBMT NC Licensed Bodywork& Massage Therapist #1940

Nationally Approved Provider #897  through NCBTMB (National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork)

 Provides state-of-the-art Therapeutic and Healing Massage since 1981