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New Service Options: Add-Ons!("Electives")  10 minute electives to allow more time and for you to enjoy customizing the session to your liking; creating a true luxury experience for your spa day. Add electives: ($10 each): .

  • 10 additional minutes of massage
  • Aromatherapy: Choice of esential oil added,
  • Scalp massage -10 min
  • Sinus Relief -10 min
  • Easy Posture Coaching  (Ergonomics) -10 min
  • Reflexology -10 min (reflexology included at no extra cost for hour or 90 min sessions)
  • Lavendar salt scrub for hands - 1o min
  • Lavender salt scrub for arm s& elbows - 10 min
  • Foot scrub - 10 min
  • Creative Visualization - 10 min
  • Qi Gong movement meditation exercise  -10 min
  • Dolphin Splash- Epson Salts Foot Bath with Lavendar Essential Oils

 These electives may be added anytime to a regular 1 hour or hour and a half massage.

They may also be scheduled as separate mini spa treatment with no further purchase or session time necessary.  A phone call or text is recommened if you decide you want electives.