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Qigong Class                                                                                                                                                                                    

Qigong is an ancient Chinese movement meditation that promotes health benefits, increases vitality, and brings about a more relaxed, focused, calm state of mind. These easy to follow, slow moving , flowing exercise postures gently pack in a tremendous increase of oxygen ; as “Qi “, ( or Life Force Energy), is awakened and amplified throughout the exercise.

With a little bit of discipline,  one can feel this experience,  as the life force energy , or “Qi”, swiftly and softly plows through and cleanses cells in every area of the body and mind; making for a better day and a better life. This seemingly passive, yet transformational ancient Chinese healing art called Qigong  (pronounced “Chee Gung”) will be taught here as Level 1 Form.

Click link below to view sample brochure  (Please call for updated class dates)

Qigong Level 1 Form

Next HAPPY HANDS Qigong Class is an 8 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) one day course for massage therapists; and any adults 18 and older; that will be held on Tuesday,October 18th from 9am-6pm. Class requires online preregister and payment  to reserve spot with limited seating, by October 11th. Please text or email request for registration link and course description flyer to be forwarded to you. It is recommended  that you call/text  the night before class to verify that registration contact information is correct, and that  we will be meeting at this location: 

1811 Sardis Road Borth Suite 207 ( Conference room adjacent to front desk)

Charlotte, North Carolina 28270 - see home page for directions - text upon arrival if doors are not open


 Please Call with any questions, and  we will contact  you!  Thank you,  Marielle

For more information about Massage Therapay 6 or 8 C.E.U's available for this class, please request email be sent by emailing Marielle at: