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Gentle-Deep Tissue –  Bodywork that works deep into the fascia layers of the muscle tissue in a way that is effective , yet  gentle and free of pain. Hands are

following the shape and grain of the muscle, at the appropriate layer, often found,as in that of a spiral.   (video on left - Judith Aston giving movement lesson.*)

Reflexology-   Gentle pressure and circulation are applied to certain reflex points on the feet and hands that correspond, specifically, to different areas of the body, with a maximum percentage of precision,. Specific effectiveness has been found by the therapist in working with various muscles groups, particularly the shoulders, back, sacral area. Especially useful for shoulder and back pain, premenstrual cramps, headaches, constipation, some cases of sciatica, and for self-massage. Reflexology also applies to various, glands and organs useful in relieving pain, tension, and energy blockages in various muscle groups.

Integrative Massage- Therapist uses a combination of varied techniques which are blended together in a customized fashion, based on clients needs, preferences, and her intuitive sense of what would work best to achieve the results for client’s goals for the session o that day.

Prenatal – Soothing and healing massage therapy techniques are applied  for expectant mothers and their babies during second trimester all the way through full term. Side-lying  with special pillows or” Prego” prenatal pillows  are used, which allows our pregnant client the luxury of lying face down if she so chooses . Prenatal massage  is useful in bringing comfort and  healing  on both emotional as well as physical levels ; and helps reduce  low back pain, sciatica, muscle stretching discomfort and  helps  reduce inflammation in the calves and helps the expectant Mom, overall, in feeling better . Client must be at least 12 weeks,along in her term; past first trimester, before receiving prenatal massage.

Aston Massage – A gentle releasing of “functional holding patterns” (places where we hold tension), with hands following the grain of the muscle in a 3-dimensional spiral pattern. Intent is balancing and blending, especially useful when there has been a major change, injury, or trauma.

Movement Education – Lessons are designed from a variety of the therapist’s trainings to address ways to release tension and to use your body more effectively with less effort or strain in daily activities.  (*see Aston video on gravity)

Gentle-Deep-Pressure – An integration of the above forms, according to client’s specific needs, following the grain of the tissue so that the therapist can work deep into the muscles without discomfort.

Polarity – A very passive yet effective technique of holding two points at a time with intension of releasing energy blockage and restoring balance, comfort, and a natural flow to one’s own healing abilities within their own system.

 Reiki - Hands are applied with little to no pressure on certain areas of the body or slightly above to activate the body’s own life force healing energy ; resulting sensations of heat, calming of muscle tension, emotional balancing , lessening of pain, and deep relaxation . Reiki is a form of energy healing that activates the body’s own natural healing abilities. The practitioner’s hands become a conduit for our innate energy gift of natural healing to come through.

Cranial Sacral Therapy – Invented by an MD, this healing procedure looks similar to a” laying on of hands”,  but has specific application of increasing the cerebral spinal fluid that flows up and down spine, which resultantly  enhances  clients’ natural healing abilities within their own body to be accelerated.

Aromatherapy-    Aromas oils are added to our unscented product blend with selection of 100% pure essential oils that not only add another of our 5 senses in a positive fashion; our  sense of smell,  but has also been found, since before pharmaceutical times to have medicinal value . The oils are derived straight from plants  are have been found to be effective as aids for relaxation, sleep, chronic pain, muscle tightness, and various emotional and physiological imbalances including sinus conditions and headaches.

Hot Stones -   Hot stones are used in the session in two ways. First, they are used in a stationary fashion, placed on certain energy centers or chakras as well as an extension of the hands as an added massage tool. Relaxing and therapeutic response are derived from both the heat of the stones as well as the weight of the stones as they are placed and worked along and into the muscles. This is one of our more unique treatments that most clients find very soothing and relaxing.

Swedish – A relaxing and healing circulatory massage designed to increase the flow of circulation and the absorption of nutrients, usually administered in light to medium or firm pressure, according to client’s therapeutic goals and the preferred comfort level of each  client during each session.

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Miniature Spa Treatment - Choose from lavender exfoliation salt scrub for hands, forearms and  elbows , or rose essential oil infused scalp massage.

Mini Therapy- Spa  Treatment - Limited Time Offer:          Valentine Special: 15 minute mini Therapy-Spa treatment - Select one of the following choices prior to time of arrival for your appointment, so therapist can prepare special treatment for you, in either: 1)  Hot Oil Aromatherapy Scalp Reflexology 2)  Foot Reflexology, or 3) Lavender Scrub for Hands or Feet, with hot moist towels included at no additional cost  for you and your special guest as Valentines Gift. BOGO will be honored for you and your friend at checkout, as a "Buy One, Get One" gift for both. This can be purchased either as an add-on or Special limited time offer of  Mini Therapy- Spa Treatment $25 offer good through Mar 15, 2020.

Mini Spa Package - Choice of lavender exfoliation salt scrub for hands, arms & elbows and feet; or hands, arms& elbows; and a rose oil infused scalp massage.

 Spa Fassage -  A 60 minute facial massage with organic coconut and pure organic essential oils. This spa  treatment includes hot moist towels and relaxing, softening, rejuvenating, and tonifying massage to the face, neck, shoulders, and scalp.  $125

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Gentle-Deep Tissue            $115                                   60 minutes

Gentle-Deep Tissue/Reflexology/Aromatherapy:    60 minutes


Gentle-Deep Tissue/Reflexology/Aromatherapy:    90 minutes


Gentle-Deep Tissue/Reflexology/Aromatherapy.     120  minutes   $178.50

90 minute Combo- Targeted Gentle-Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage and 30 minute Qigong Instruction $190

90 minute Combo - Targeted Gentle Deep-Tissue Therapeutic Massage and 30 min Ergonomic Easy Posture Coaching - $190                                  

 Sports  Massage                  $145          90  minutes


      $99           60  minutes

Hands, Feet & Scalp Citrus Bliss Aromatherapy Reflexology Massage - $85

 Integrative Massage             $115     60 minutes

                                                $135          90 minutes

                                                $165          120  minutes

 Pre-Natal /Pregnancy         $109           60 minutes

Scalp, Head& Neck* .           $99           60 minutes  (*Includes 50 min Scalp, Head & Neck "Match & Mirror" Massage Technique with added reflexology)                                                                                                                       

The Executive Traveler      $119          60 minutes  ( Includes 45 min Scalp, Head &Neck& Shoulders  "Match & Mirror" Massage, with 15 minute ergonomic easy posture coaching  to prevent stress while sitting or standing at work)                                                                                                            

 Aston Massage                   $109           60 minutes

 Movement Education         $45          30 minutes

 Gentle-Deep Pressure         $115         60 minutes

                                              $145          90 minutes

 Reiki                                     $109          60 minutes

 Cranial Sacral Therapy        $109       60 minutes 

 Integrative Energy Work     $109       60 minutes

 Aromatherapy Swedish Massage        $119     60 minutes

$109.00 for full 1 hour massage/ $145 for 90 min 

 Inquire about packages and first visit discounts

Stones                               $165         75 minutes

 Relaxation Massage              $109         60 minutes

 Swedish                                   $109        60 minutes

Facial Massage                         $85          30 minutes

 Mini Therapy- Spa Treatment     $12  for 10 minutes added time for scalp, foot or hand reflexology, sinus relief, headache relief, pms gentle pressure point & polarity, aromatherapy, lavender scrub for hands or feet, or hot  moist towels for back and feet.

        $25        Mini Spa Package   15 min Lavender Salt Scrub of Hands, arms & elbows or feet .

       $25           Spa Express            15 minutes  Lavender Scrub, Scalp Massage, or Reflexology

        $8  Hot Moist Towels   A luxurious therapeutic treat for back, shoulders & feet

                                ($15 with any package of 3 massages for all 3 sessions)

    $10 Aromatherapy Essential Oils- a customized selection of therapeutic, soothing, mood   enhancing &  healing oils to enhance each session ($25 with any package of 3 massages)

Hourly sessions can be extended if there is time in both therapist and clients' schedule for  $1.33 per minute.