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'What wellness goals do you bring to the table today?'

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1)"What is your favorite stretch?" ...

1) "What is your favorite or most recent  stretch that you have found, that is working for you?"

 2) What area of the of the body is this for?" 

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 Disclaimer:  It is reccomended that you check with your doctor or physical therapist first before trying any of these exercises. Rule of thumb:" If it hurts, don't do it." Even less than that. Body has a 72 hour window period where it will not  show its full colors, and you might ot even know if you pulled something. If in doubt, do less and ICE before seeing your doctor or therapist. Based upon trainings as an injury prevention instructor with  Dr Ben Bejamin, author of * Sports Without Pain;  the following regimine is recommennded for order of activities:

1) Warm-Up - an actual loosening of muscles and joints through light moves & rotations*

2) light stretch

3) movement  or sport activity

4) Stretch -after your work-out routine, once muscles are more limber and literally "warmed up"


 What is your favorite stretch? __"My favorite recent stretch is lying back onto the large exercise ball after doing my Qigong exercises- or after doing the baby pose, lying crouched, face down on the floor. This provides a very relaxing, deep stretch for the opposite or "antagonistic" muscle groups"; especially in the low back area".."it almost  feels like a massage. MF*____________


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"What wellness goals do you bring to the table today?"

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