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Continuing Education Seminars for Massage Therapists (CEU's)


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2020 Live Classes:

8 CE's:

Sunday Feb 2nd: Scalp, Head & Neck, “Match & Mirror” Massage~ for Client Felt Optimal Support - Level 1  8 CE    Charlotte, NC  $135/$150 ( 2020)

Monday Feb 3rd: Level 2 Scalp, Head, Neck & Shoulders "Match & Mirror" Massage Technique - Charlotte, NC. 8 CE $135/$150 (2020)


NEW!!!:Sunday Oct 18th: 8CE ZOOM LIVE WEBINAR ONLINE : Scalp, Head & Neck "Match & Mirror" Massage - for Client Felt Optimal Support -Level1  8CE (LIVE WEBINAR DISTANCE LEARNING is "Hands-On" Learning through ZOOM - same day participation and attendance required to receive certification. 9am-6pm with a 1 hour lunch. With respect to any COVID-19-safety concerns, you may practice with a person or a PROP, suggested materials for PROP OPTION list & JOIN ZOOM MEETING link provided, once registered. Click "For Seminar Registration" link above for more details and also to enroll and purchase your registration tickets. $150.00

NEW!!! Thursday Oct 29th:  8CE ZOOM LIVE WEBINAR ONLINE:  Triple Hamstring Technique 8CE (2020) LIVE WEBINAR DISTANCE LEARNING is a "Hands-On" Online Learning Experience, with  LIVE PRESENTATIONS and LIVE HANDS-ON PARTICIPATION. Same day attendance. You may use PROP or PARTNER to practice on, and instructor will provide optional materials list with easy DEMO if PROP vs person if preferred.  Please Click "For Seminar Registration" blue link  above to purchase tickets. $150.00

Sunday Nov 1st: Guided Visualization - for Client Empowerment & Deepened Relaxation 8CE LIVE CLASS confirmation postponed $150 

 -Some private LIVE CE classes available for Licensed Therapists by request, with minimum of 2 students, masks required at all times -

For fastest response, please text first if possible, and call with any question:

(704) 877-4844

16 CE's:

Level 1 & 2 Two Day Event Scalp, Head, Neck & Shoulders "Match & Mirror" Massage Technique - Feb 2 & 3rd, 2020 16CE $275.00 (2020) SOLD OUT!

(Classes can be taken separately for 8CE' each, or as 2 Day one ticket event,  with 16 CE's, NCBTMB approved, upon completion of class. Please call with any questions about correct placement of Level 1 or Level 2 for first time students. Full class description provided by clicking link above,  ( See:"For seminar description and registration" in turquoise - click 



Guided Visualization - for Client Empowerment & Deepened Relaxation - Nov 3, 2019 - 8CE


For more class information or 10 day prior early bird special, please contact instructor at: 704-877-4844


Scalp, Head, & Neck/ "Match and Mirror Technique"/ for Client Felt Optimal Support - seminar 8 CEU/hours   Therapeutic Massage

Guided Visualization - for Client Empowerment & Deepened Relaxation - seminar  8 CEU/hours  Body Psychology

Qigong Healing & Breathing Applications - seminar  8 CEU/hours  Energy Work

Qigong Healing & Breathing Applications - 4wk class 6 or 8 CEU hrs  Energy Work

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